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Ivanti Environment Manager Configuration: How to export Shortcuts, Drive Mappings and Printer Mappings with Powershell

Recently, I got asked by one of my customers if there is a way to extract information from Ivanti (Appsense) Environment Manger configuration that could be used somewhere else. This client has been using Ivanti UWM for years which accumulated large numbers of shortcuts creation actions, mapping actions and printer creation actions. The customer also…

By Amir Joseph Sayes December 14, 2020 1

Google Chrome 71 / 72 Trail Dragging Issue when Maximized on Windows 7 2008 R2

I have been working recently on an issue for one of my clients whereby after updating to Chrome 71.0.3578 (and also in 72.0.3626) a display issue started to occur when Chrome is maximized; Any foreground window over Chrome leaves “trails” of itself over Chrome Window. If Chrome gets the focus again, the trails disappear. The…

By Amir Joseph Sayes March 1, 2019 10

Windows Server 2016 Hangs for Minutes on “Please Wait for The User Profile Service”

Summary I have been working recently on building a new Citrix Xendesktop site, with RDSH being Windows Server 2016 Standard, and Ivanti (Appsense) as a Workspace Manager, and Citrix PVS 7.15 LTSR for image provisioning. In this article, I am discussing a problem we faced with slow logon and logoff time when compared with Out-of-the-Box…

By Amir Joseph Sayes February 11, 2018 0